Couldn't see a good one on here so thought I'd create a compilation of the greatest band ever KINGS OF LEON. 25 tracks here is a great place to start to get a taste of  the awesome KOL sound spanning their entire career with songs from all seven albums. Pretty much arranged in chronological order and you can hear the evolution in sound as you go through. Enjoy!

Track Listing

DISC 1 (Youth and Young Manhood, Aha Shake Heartbreak, Because of the Times)

1. Red Morning Light
2. Molly's Chambers
3. Joe's Head
4. Trani
5. Slow Night, So Long
6. King Of The Rodeo
7. Milk
8. The Bucket
9. Charmer
10. On Call
11. Fans
12. Arizona

DISC 2 (Only By The Night, Come Around Sundown, Mechanical Bull, WALLS)

1. Closer
2. Sex On Fire
3. Use Somebody
4. Notion
5. Radioactive
6. Pyro
7. The Face
8. Pickup Truck
9. Wait For Me
10. Family Tree
11. Waste A Moment
12. Find Me
13. Cold Desert
Kings of Leon - Greatest Hits